A second life for books

A second life for books
A second life for books

On the shelves of La Bouquine Rit, the shelves are well filled. Because books, there are many and of all genres: detective stories, novels, classic authors, adult comics, children’s books, cooking…

But it is easy to navigate: each area has its place. If there are classics, there are also lighter novels because “people don’t want to take the lead, it’s about relaxing reading”, confides one of the volunteers of the place.

The wellness department is also doing very well. “People take care of themselves, on the other hand the political department leaves very little,” note the volunteers who welcome customers. Whether it’s Chantal Espieux, Martine Hautin or the young Sabine who has just joined the team, these ladies know how to advise people who come with their list: “We go immediately where we need to find it”.

50 cents per pound

The organization is rigorous. Each book sold is noted, if a duplicate is available, it joins the shelves for another reader. Already 3,920 books have found takers since 1 er January. Those waiting are stored in the former cell of this former gendarmerie.

By sorting, volunteers find memories in the pages of books, such as photos that are displayed while waiting to be reunited with their families.

All the books, whatever they are, are at 50 cents, so that everyone has access to reading and to give a second life to each work and avoid its destruction.

The profits are donated to charities: in 2021, the 5,800 books sold made it possible to donate 700 euros to Secours Catholique, 700 euros to Secours Populaire, 700 euros to the Social Grocery, 300 euros to the Telethon and 300 euros to the Cross -Red for Ukraine.

Practice. Open on Saturdays, from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. in winter).

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