Shoot the Book! back in Los Angeles, in person

Shoot the Book! back in Los Angeles, in person
Shoot the Book! back in Los Angeles, in person

The Civil Society of French-Language Publishers (Scelf), the International Bureau of French Publishing, the French Institute and the Villa Albertine are organizing the 8th edition of Shoot the Book!, in Los Angeles, on September 28, after two years of dating. However, it is still possible to participate in events remotely.

The next day, September 29, other interviews are indeed planned, with even more French publishers.

The 15 books presented to a panel of producers at Shoot the Book! Los Angeles are:

The Art of MurderChrystel Duchamp (The Archipelago)

Love Me TenderConstance Debre (Flammarion)

The Man for the JobLou Lubie (Dupuis)

LeawaldDov Lynch (Basement Editions)

The Door of No ReturnDavid Diop (La Martiniere)

Rosa DolorosaCaroline Dorka-Fenech (La Martinière)

Tanz!Maurane Mazars (The Lombard)

The Goddess of Small VictoriesYannick Grannec (Anne Carrière)

Timothée Brahms and the Book of PossibilitiesAurélie Magnin, Illustrated by Vincent Pianina (Editions Thierry Magnier)

Speak of the DevilJoseph Denize (Julliard)

The AquaticsOsvalde Lewat (Les Escales)

Into ViolenceBlandine Rinkel (Fayard)

My Part of HerJavad Djavahery (Gallimard)

Aya of Yop CityMarguerite Abouet, Illustrated by Clément Oubrerie (Gallimard Youth)

Hana Thierry, Swallows and Other Birds NamesTouria Arab-Leblondel (Milan)

Photography: artwork, SPDP, CC BY 2.0

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